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Global Interest

Partnerships for Safe Drugs

IDLO is tackling this challenge of FS with partners in the World Bank’s Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development. A consortium led by the Organization will develop an assessment tool to assist strengthen national legal frameworks to respond to this emerging challenge. The tool will be tested in Uganda in the course of 2015.

Legal Tools for Healthy Diets and Physical Activity

In 2014 IDLO signed agreements with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) to build legal capacity to address public health challenges. The initial focus is on obesity, diabetes, healthy diets and physical activity. Also in 2014, IDLO, the WHO and the University of Sydney convened the first regional consultation on overweight, obesity, diabetes and law in the Western Pacific.

Women and Business: Dismantling Barriers

“Women’s participation is a matter of basic human rights and democratic principles. We cannot afford not to include women. This is not simply a question of what benefits women, but of what benefits the whole of society,”  Ioana Liana Cazacu, Romanian Secretary of State for Gender Equality, told participants at a roundtable on women, business and the rule of law in New York .


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