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Ukraine has embarked on a wide-ranging process of reform. Much of the region’s future stability depends on success in this 45-million strong country. The momentum is there to overcome a legacy of bureaucratic stagnation, arbitrariness and corruption. But efforts to complete the transition to a modern, prosperous state must contend with a crippling economic crisis and the persistence of conflict in the east of the country. As of 2015, IDLO is working at both the national and regional level to facilitate justice sector reform and promote integrity.

We particularly focus on criminal justice reforms, which are critical to strengthening of the rule of law and democratic institutions in Ukraine. Our work is aligned with Ukraine’s own laws and policies – chiefly the National Justice Sector Reform Strategy, the amended Law on the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Deregulation Strategy – as well as with Ukraine’s international obligations on combatting corruption.  

UKRAINE: Expertise and Mechanisms to Pursue Accountability for International Crimes Committed in Ukraine Strengthened and Contextualized

This sub-project aims to advance accountability for international crimes in Ukraine by strengthening expertise on accountability mechanisms and contextualising accountability processes. In order to strengthen Ukrainian municipal law through international law, T.M.C.

UKRAINE: Fair, Transparent, and Accountable Criminal Justice System in Ukraine

This sub-project aims to advance accountability for international crimes in Ukraine. In order to enhance integrity and accountability-focused judicial reform, the Center for International Legal Cooperation (CILC) is organizing a national conference on Integrity and Anti-Corruption in the Judiciary to raise awareness on the topics and build networks among Dutch and Ukrainian judges, court staff and experts.


Key Initiatives

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