International Development Law Organization

Rule of Law


To understand the rule of law, we must think beyond men in robes. More than a matter of due process, the rule of law is an enabler of justice and development. The three notions are interdependent; when realized, they are mutually reinforcing. For IDLO, as much as a question of laws and procedure, the rule of law is a culture and daily practice. It is inseparable from equality, from access to justice and education, from access to health and the protection of the most vulnerable. It is crucial for the viability of communities and nations, and for the environment that sustains them. Our distinctive focus makes us party to some of the most urgent global conversations. At the United Nations and other fora, in helping formulate a new development paradigm, or in determining what constitutes justice and how to achieve it, IDLO brings to the table three decades of experience in thinking – and helping implement – the rule of law. (Photo: ⒸPaul Hutchings)

By combining research and thought leadership on the rule of law with expertise in implementing it, IDLO cuts a distinct profile in the development sector. 

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Building institutions for peace and justice, strengthening accountability, empowering women and girls, fighting corruption, protecting biodiversity and promoting inclusive economic growth are just a few examples of the ways in which IDLO’s programs and other activities further the implementation of the SDGs.​ View More


Endeavors to resolve disputes through informal means have probably existed forever – they were certainly around well before the modern formal justice systems, as we know them today, evolved.

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