International Development Law Organization

Promoting justice in a frontline city

IDLO has concentrated its efforts on the city of Mopti. As well as an important commercial center and Mali's country's main port, Mopti forms both the geographic and symbolic link between the country's North and South. During the conflict, it served as a frontline destination for displaced people. We have been seeking to empower victims of war crimes committed in the region to obtain redress in accordance with domestic and international standards -- either through Mopti's first instance criminal and appeal courts, or, where appropriate, through inter-communal and other customary justice mechanisms. In the process, we have worked to raise the awareness of traditional leaders, communities and the general public of the applicable legal framework for resolving disputes. At the same time, we have helped build the capacity -- and improve the public perception -- of the criminal justice system in the city, with a focus on promoting fair outcomes for women and vulnerable groups. 

Photo: Martine Perret