International Development Law Organization

Judicial Capacity Building on the New Armenian Code of Civil Procedure

In April 2018, the Republic of Armenia adopted a new version of the Civil Procedure Code with the aim to expedite cases and increase the efficiency of civil courts. As in most transition countries, implementation of the law by courts and officials is weak and uneven. The judiciary needs to become familiarized with the new Civil Procedure Code and its application within a limited timeframe. Hence, it is critical that judges have a firm grasp of the newly adopted rules, especially related to commercial disputes.

IDLO, in partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, is implementing a project that aims to improve the investment climate in Armenia by building judicial capacity in relation to certain types of commercial cases and increasing the uniformity of judicial practice in the selected areas of law. IDLO will work to develop and deliver practical, vocationally oriented modules of judicial training on the newly adopted Code of Civil Procedures for Armenian judges to enable them to deal more effectively and independently with the new Code. IDLO will support the preparation of a work plan and afterwards, will facilitate a series of training and workshops on the new Code on civil procedures in order to train the judiciary on the new rules and procedures.