International Development Law Organization

Expanding Access to Judicial Decisions in Tajikistan

Access to judicial decisions, including commercial law decisions, whether for Tajik judges, lawyers, or representatives of international investors, is currently highly limited, due to a lack of a publicly accessible database. This impacts the ability of all parties to refer to past case law in making decisions — whether judicial or commercial.

IDLO is working to strengthen access to justice in Tajikistan. In partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), IDLO is implementing the “Reforms on Access to Judicial Decisions” project, which is assisting our Tajik partners in removing legislative limitations on public access to judicial decisions in line with international standards. The project also includes designing and piloting a public portal and database of judicial decisions in the Economic Courts. The pilot database — a first of its kind for Tajikistan — will mark a first step in making access to judicial decisions in the country more efficient and transparent.

Photo credit: Rimma Grishmanovskaya