International Development Law Organization

Commercial Mediation in Serbia

Serbia has recently implemented several judicial reforms to modernize and improve the regulatory framework for mediation, such as the new Law on Mediation in 2014. By implementing the new legal framework on mediation, the number of registered mediators and of mediation cases in Serbia have both increased. However, the Supreme Court of Cassation still registers an excessive amount of backlogged cases.

IDLO, in partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, is implementing a project that aims to improve the business environment in Serbia by strengthening the legal framework on mediation. IDLO will prepare a comparative analysis framework in the relevant jurisdictions and support a working group on alternative dispute resolution to develop a strategy focused on commercial mediation in Serbia. IDLO will provide support to the Appellate Commercial Court on its participation in the alternative dispute resolution working group and propose solutions for the promotion of mediation in commercial disputes.