International Development Law Organization

Commercial Mediation Action Plan in Jordan

In recent years, Jordan has taken steps and demonstrated political will to reform the justice sector and promote mediation and alternative dispute resolution as means not only to reduce court congestion and shorten the litigation process, but also to guarantee transparent and fair trials. Despite the use of mediation for several years, interest in mediation faded, and it is no longer perceived as a reliable mechanism for dispute resolution. There is therefore a strong need to re-establish mediation as an effective dispute resolution mechanism in the country.

IDLO, in partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, is implementing a project that aims to build consensus among national stakeholders to enhance commercial mediation as an effective dispute resolution mechanism used nationwide. Under the project, IDLO will support the Government of Jordan in assessing and analyzing the legal framework and practice of commercial mediation, identifying issues and solutions with the aim of developing a country-specific action plan to revive commercial mediation. IDLO will also carry out a comprehensive analysis and needs assessment of mediation-related practices. Finally, IDLO will work to develop and promote a detailed action plan, in cooperation with Jordan’s Ministry of Justice, with the goal of establishing mediation as effective dispute resolution mechanism at the national level.