International Development Law Organization
Implementing Partner: 
World Voices Uganda
Sub-Project title: 
Promoting Community Access to Justice Project (PCAJP)
Amount awarded: 
UGX 699,495,273
June, 2021 to November, 2022

This sub-project aims to enhance access to justice for rural, vulnerable, and marginalized communities of Kakumiro, Kyegegwa, Kikuube and Kagadi districts in mid-western Uganda through strengthening informal justice mechanisms and increasing community participation in the delivery of justice services. The implementing partner will, among others, support the establishment and staffing of twelve Bataka Courts (BC); conduct training and coaching of BC’s Panel of Elders on justice principles of fairness and mediation, including gender considerations in the administration of justice; facilitate the convening of BC sessions; conduct training and mentorship for informal justice actors on documentation, reporting, and referral mechanisms to formal justice. World Voices Uganda (WVU) seeks to strengthen the linkages between formal and informal justice actors by supporting monitoring and backstopping for informal justice actors, facilitating their representation on District Chain Linked Committees, and facilitating the Technical Working Group on finalization and validation of informal justice standard Guidelines. Finally, WVU will organize sensitization outreaches, community-level dialogues, and radio talk shows on the topic of access to justice to promote community awareness about the operations of formal and informal justice actors and support legal aid service provision at the community level.

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