International Development Law Organization
Implementing Partner: 
Network Against Female Genital Mutilation in Somaliland (NAFIS)
Sub-Project title: 
Strengthening the Social Contract through Access to Justice in Eastern Regions of Somaliland
Amount awarded: 
USD 907,500
September, 2021 to March, 2025

The sub-project aims to strengthen the capacity of the legal institutions at the local level in six target districts of Somaliland; improve access to alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) mechanism and to formal justice for vulnerable groups through holistic support to gender-based violence survivors and affected communities; and increase participation of citizens of Somaliland in accountability processes related to the provision of security and justice. The Network Against Female Genital Mutilation in Somaliland (NAFIS)  is delivering a series of training sessions and awareness raising activities on ADR, case management and legal knowledge to formal and informal justice actors, civil society organizations, women, youths, internally-displaced persons and traditional leaders; providing legal assistance and counselling services to gender-based violence survivors; development and dissemination of billboards and booklets on access to  justice for women and girls and available services for GBV survivors; technical and operational support to relevant stakeholders on the ongoing policy and legal framework development for GBV and legal aid draft legislation, and the establishment of justice for a in target project areas to enhance security and justice system in the eastern regions of Somaliland.

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