International Development Law Organization
Implementing Partner: 
Alternative pour le Développement et l’Environnement au Sahel (ADE-SAHEL)
Sub-Project title: 
Contribution à la Protection des Femmes/Filles Survivantes de Violences Basées sur le Genre (VBG) dans la Région de Mopti pour l’Ancrage de la Justice sur l’Egalite des Sexes dans les Pratiques Sociales de la Communauté
Amount awarded: 
XOF 51,362,000
January, 2023 to August, 2023

This sub-project aims to improve the social and legal environment in the fight against gender-based violence (GBV) in Mali. The Alternative pour le Développement et l’Environnement au Sahel (ADE-SAHEL) will organize a series of public sensitization events on the fight against and prevention of GBV and female genital mutilation, as well as conferences and inter-community dialogues with local cultural and religious leaders, to engage communities in the change of harmful behaviours and formalize commitments by local leaders to safeguard the rights of women and girls. The implementing partner will also deliver a series of training sessions on gender equality, women’s rights, access to justice and referral systems to local councillors, women’s organizations and actors of the criminal justice chain. Furthermore, in order to enhance access to justice and care services for the victims of violence, ADE-SAHEL will develop information, education and communication materials to inform and provide orientation to GBV survivors; set up and support the development of an action plan for the GBV monitoring and prevention committees, and identify and provide health care and economic support to GBV survivors to facilitate socio-economic reintegration.

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