International Development Law Organization
Implementing Partner: 
Mongolian Association of Elderly People (MAEP)
Sub-Project title: 
Promoting the Law on Combating Domestic Violence (2016): Increasing Awareness and Knowledge
Amount awarded: 
MNT 22,520,000
March, 2021 to September, 2021

The Mongolian Association of Elderly People (MAEP) aims to increase knowledge among the elderly of their rights and on domestic violence prevention. The sub-project delivers trainings to social workers on providing legal aid to the elderly in cases of domestic violence. The Implementing Partner is also developing a database of consultants for the provision of legal services and raise awareness on the available legal and social services among the local community as a whole. Finally, MAEP supporta the establishment of a One-Stop Service Center to provide elderly-friendly legal and social services to local elders and their family members.

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