International Development Law Organization
Implementing Partner: 
Center for Law and Policy Affairs (CLPA)
Sub-Project title: 
Promoting Healthy Diets and Physical Activity in Bangladesh
Amount awarded: 
BDT 7,576,250
August, 2023 to May, 2025

Under the second phase of the Global Regulatory and Fiscal Capacity Building Programme (RECAP II), this sub-project aims to contribute to an enabling legal and policy environment that promotes healthy diets and physical activity through sensitization and policy advocacy for the prevention and reduction of non-communicable diseases in Bangladesh. Building on the results of previous programming, the Center for Law and Policy Affairs (CLPA) is conducting a series of sensitization initiatives with relevant national stakeholders, including Government officials, civil society organizations, policymakers and the general public, and awareness-raising campaigns via digital media on the importance of policy measures that promote healthy diets and physical activity, with a focus on the National Policy Guidelines on Physical Activity. In order to support the development, adoption and implementation of regulatory measures in the RECAP policy areas, CLPA is also conducting evidence-based advocacy and social mobilization initiatives through the establishment of technical working groups and the development of a digital application to collect data on sugar-sweetened beverage and food product labelling, packaging and marketing from selected districts of Bangladesh.

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