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Survivor-Centred Justice for Gender-Based Violence in Complex Situations

Date of Publication: 
Thursday, July 7, 2022
About This Publication: 

The report Survivor-Centred Justice for Gender-Based Violence in Complex Situations is the result of new research conducted by IDLO, in partnership with the Global Women’s Institute at George Washington University, in six countries across the globe with the aim to identify approaches that centre survivors in all efforts to address GBV in complex situations.

The report is informed by country case studies in Afghanistan, Honduras, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, South Sudan, and Tunisia, to provide different perspectives of complexity in accessing justice and an analysis of diverse justice mechanisms dealing with GBV in situations of conflict, organized crime, climate disasters, and health pandemics, often intersecting with contexts of legal pluralism and political transition.

Research findings show that, in order to be effective, measures and programmes aimed at ensuring access to justice for GBV survivors, need to be responsive to women’s specific needs and vulnerabilities, as well as relevant to contextual challenges.

Five key recommendations and action areas are identified for policymakers, justice professionals and other practitioners working to promote survivor-centred justice for GBV in complex situations.



Full report (forthcoming, September 2022)

Summary Handout


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