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IDLO Annual Report 2015

Date of Publication: 
Friday, November 25, 2016
About This Publication: 

IDLO enables governments and empowers people to reform laws and strengthen institutions to promote peace, justice, sustainable development and economic opportunity. We contribute to creating stable and inclusive societies where every person can live free from fear and want, in dignity and under the rule of law. Some highlights of our work in 2015 include:

  • Supporting national ownership: We completed our largest operation in Afghanistan, the Justice Training Transition Program (JTTP), building and handing over training capacity to national justice institutions. In May 2015, I visited Kabul to thank President Ashraf Ghani for his support and to see for myself IDLO’s contribution to the reconstruction of the justice sector in Afghanistan over more than a decade.
  • Strengthening democracy: In Myanmar, in the lead-up to the democratic elections, we worked in cooperation with UNDP and other partners to pilot Rule of Law Resource Centers across the country, training legal aid providers, promoting rights awareness among civil society organizations and planting the seeds for a constituency committed to the rule of law. In Kenya, we worked with the judiciary to strengthen their capacity to settle judicial disputes, and with the executive to devolve power to provincial authorities.
  • Promoting economic development: In Mongolia, having supported alternative dispute resolution and commercial law training of judges previously, this past year we focused on training bailiffs to ensure that court judgments are properly enforced as an important element in strengthening trust and confidence of the business sector in justice institutions. In Tunisia, we strengthened the capacity of courts to combat financial crimes. In Kuwait, we supported the government to make laws more accessible to foreign investors.

Our proudest achievement was progress on women’s access to justice. Our efforts to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment grew substantially in 2015. In places as varied as Afghanistan and Kenya, Honduras and Liberia, Mongolia and Somalia, we worked with a range of actors, from judges and prosecutors to community leaders and women’s groups, to strengthen women’s access to justice.

This is our 2015 Annual Report, providing a broad and comprehensive summary of our activities and operating information. For additional financial information, and to download our Financial Statements, please visit our Funding and Performance page under ABOUT US in the above menu.