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Afghan Women's Protection Centers Guidelines

Date of Publication: 
Wednesday, June 25, 2014
About This Publication: 

Violence against women is a global phenomenon, plaguing many women in different countries, albeit it is more apparent in third world countries. Afghanistan is unfortunately among those countries struggling with this phenomenon, due to the violence and complexities resulting from years of war on the one hand and widespread detrimental customs and traditions, antagonistic in many aspects with the Sharia, on the other hand.

Given this situation, providing safe shelters for women who are victims of, or at risk of violence is vital as the absence of such centers leads to yet more social injustice. Women’s Protection Centers (WPCs), also known as shelters for abused women, are not merely places to house the women. Considering the importance of these centers for women who are victims of, or at risk of violence, it is necessary to standardize the services they offer to beneficiaries as much as possible, so that they all follow the same procedures for similar issues.

To this end, some of these centers have collaborated in the preparation of a guideline to achieve greater synchronization in the management of the centers and to ensure that they offer the same services.