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Human Rights Council 51st Session Item 10: General Debate

Statement by the International Development Law Organization (IDLO)
Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations in Geneva Agenda
Human Rights Council 51st Session
Item 10: General Debate
6 October 2022


Thank you, Mr. President,

Through decades of work in over 90 countries, IDLO has found that peace and development are best advanced by supporting the rule of law.

A strong rule of law system protects human rights through effective institutions, equality before the law, compliance with international norms and standards, as well as legal empowerment. It places people at the centre of justice and governance.

IDLO achieves these objectives by working top-down with governments and bottom up with civil society. We integrate our assistance to strengthen legal frameworks, improve access for the vulnerable, especially women and girls, and support development outcomes.

This focus on the rule of the law offers significant benefits for advancing the full range of human rights: civil and political, and economic and social. F

or example, our work in the Sahel led to the development of consultative mechanisms that have allowed communities and justice providers to jointly rectify shortcomings in justice delivery and thereby improve the respect for people’s rights.

Our anti-corruption work in countries ranging from Armenia to The Bahamas, Moldova to Mongolia, and beyond has contributed to advancing transparency, integrity and accountability of the justice sector.

We have provided technical assistance to support Least Developed Countries with investment dispute resolution and contract negotiations with multinational corporations, advancing sustainable economic development.

We encourage this Council to integrate the rule of law and access to justice as tools to support countries’ efforts to improve human rights. IDLO stands ready to partner with you to achieve those goals.

Thank you.