International Development Law Organization

Tunisia: A Window of Opportunity

As Tunisia’s new government marks 100 days in office, cementing the transition to democracy, the focus for international intervention now moves to a longer-term perspective. With this in mind, IDLO has conducted a mission to Tunis to assess emerging needs and discuss the support the organization could offer. 

 “While Tunisia has succeeded where others in the region have failed, the timing is crucial,” says Hanan Rabbani, Regional Program Manager for MENA and Asia. “With the appointment of the new government, the transition to democracy is formally complete. But there is still much work to be done to consolidate stability and establish the rule of law.”

Following meetings with government officials and local partners, IDLO is looking at developing possible projects on juvenile justice, gender, human rights, and access to justice and transitional justice.

Ms Rabbani stressed the need for ‘a developmentally sensitive approach, working with local institutions and civil society, to meet the needs on the ground.’

IDLO is currently implementing its second project in Tunisia, primarily focused on the fight against economic and financial crimes. The training targets the Pôle Judiciaire Financier, a key anti-corruption judicial body.


Photo: Chris Booth