International Development Law Organization

Tajikistan Capital Sees Revival of Law Library

One of the key elements of IDLO’s Commercial Law Judicial Training Program in Tajikistan is the establishment of a commercial law section at the Judicial Training Center (JTC) library in Dushanbe. By increasing access to legal resources through the EBRD-sponsored program, IDLO is working to enhance the capacity of Tajik judges to deal more effectively with commercial law cases.

The newly refurbished library was officially opened in early November, following an assessment to ensure that the library housed all the relevant materials and functioned in accordance with international best practice.  As part of this exercise, IDLO and JTC personnel consulted judges and other legal professionals; the JTC curriculum was reviewed; and a comparative analysis of neighboring Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries was carried out to capture all relevant legal literature.

The JTC library is now fully functional and its commercial law collection contains the latest resources in Tajik and Russian on civil law, land law, corporate law, housing law, bankruptcy law and other commercial law topics that would help inform the day-to-day work of Tajik judges, as well as prove a legal education tool to enhance and develop their professional capacity.