International Development Law Organization

IDLO + Milan Center collaborate on Food Law

IDLO has signed a cooperation agreement with the Milan Center for Food Law and Policy, establishing a firm basis for collaboration between the two organizations on legal issues relating to food, nutrition and agriculture. Opportunities being explored include joint research projects, exchange of knowledge and expertise, advocacy events, and programming. 

“Food insecurity is often related to discrimination and social exclusion,” said IDLO Director-General Irene Khan. “Food security can be strengthened through well-informed laws, transparent and accountable institutions that execute those laws, and access to justice approaches that guarantee the poor and the vulnerable have fair access to food or the means for producing food.” 

The agreement follows a successful joint event at EXPO Milan in October 2015 within the unique context of the EXPO 2015 theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. At the event, IDLO launched its study on “Realizing the Right to Food”, outlining how legal strategies can be used as a tool towards ending hunger and achieving food security.

2030 Agenda: Ending hunger, achieving food security, improving nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture is Goal 2 of the Sustainable Development Goals. Learn more