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IDLO Commitment to the Generation Equality Action Coalitions

Generation Equality Action Coalitions

The Generation Equality Action Coalitions are global, innovative, multi-stakeholder partnerships that are mobilizing governments, civil society, international organizations, and the private sector to catalyze collective action, spark global and local conversations among generations, drive increased public and private investment, and deliver concrete, game-changing results for girls and women.



In the context of Generation Equality, Action Coalitions were established on six themes:

  • Gender-based violence
  • Economic justice and rights
  • Bodily autonomy and sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • Feminist action for climate justice
  • Technology and innovation for gender equality
  • Feminist movements and leadership

The Action Coalitions are set to launch a targeted set of concrete, ambitious and immediate actions within the next five years to deliver tangible impact on gender equality and girls’ and women’s human rights.  These actions will form part of Generation Equality’s Global Acceleration Plan for Gender Equality.

IDLO as a commitment maker

IDLO, in the next five years, will contribute to the work of the Action Coalitions through bold and transformative commitments in four Coalition themes.

Gender-based violence

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a persistent global challenge to human rights with an estimated 1 in 3 women subjected to intimate partner violence, non-partner violence or both at least once in their lives.

Preventing and combatting GBV constitutes the largest area of IDLO’s programmatic work on gender and is squarely within IDLO’s Strategic Plan. IDLO has an extensive track record of GBV programming in diverse contexts, including in situations of conflict and fragility. IDLO's GBV work focuses on strengthening the capacity of justice sector institutions, whether they are formal or informal institutions, to respond to GBV; increasing women's legal empowerment to access justice and claim their rights; and combatting discriminatory laws and ensuring the emergence of gender-responsive legal and institutional frameworks.

Generation Equality Commitment: In the next five years, IDLO commits to mobilizing at least $10 million to support partners in 8 countries in conflict, fragile or other complex situations to adopt an integrated approach to addressing GBV against women and girls, bringing together all justice actors, including women’s organizations, to: (a) implement preventive measures, (b) strengthen the investigation, prosecution and adjudication of offenses against women, and (c) provide support services to survivors.

IDLO also joins UN Women, UNODC and other partners in two collective commitments on gender-responsive policing and essential services for women and girls subject to violence. 

Economic justice and rights

Women and girls continue to face discrimination in the enjoyment of their economic rights. The gender pay gap remains at 16-22% globally, and an estimated 740 million women globally are in the informal sector. IDLO works to promote inclusive economic development by strengthening governmental capacities to enforce commercial and economic laws, building a gender-responsive business climate, and supporting the economic empowerment of women and girls.

Generation Equality Commitment: IDLO commits to strengthening legal, regulatory and justice frameworks for women workers and entrepreneurs. IDLO will help build capacities for legal and justice actors, as well as women workers and entrepreneurs, to enable them to claim their economic rights. 

Feminist action for climate justice

Women and girls must be at the forefront of climate and environmental justice. However, they continue to be under-represented and side-lined in relevant decision-making processes. They have less access and control to land and natural resources and often are unable to get an equitable share of benefits from such resources. Women and girls experience disproportionate and differentiated impacts of climate change, and yet solutions are often crafted in their absence and fail to consider their realities. 

IDLO seeks to address the gender dimension of environmental and climate justice through interlocking interventions by strengthening women’s access to food security, land and other natural resources through a combination of legal empowerment and institution-building initiatives.

Generation Equality Commitment: IDLO commits to working on empowering women in claiming environmental rights and actively participating in climate-related decision-making processes, supporting the development of gender-responsive climate adaptation measures and improving women’s ability to access and benefit from land and natural resources.

Feminist movements and leadership

Women leaders and women-led organizations are the most important drivers of change for gender equality. Despite this, women’s organizations are under-funded, and women continue to be largely excluded in positions of power and decision-making, including in the justice sector.

IDLO works at the intersection of research, programming, policy and advocacy to promote the participation and leadership of women in the legal and justice profession. IDLO has produced a series of reports, including a global report, and country studies in Afghanistan, Tunisia and Kenya.

Generation Equality Commitment: IDLO commits to galvanizing support for the enhanced participation and leadership of women in the justice sector by leveraging multi-stakeholder partnerships and mobilizing justice sector actors and institutions. IDLO will work on strengthening the evidence base on women's participation and leadership in the justice sector; assisting national justice institutions to conduct gender audits and similar mechanisms; and supporting associations and networks of women judges and lawyers.