International Development Law Organization

IDLO Briefs Delegation from Thailand

The International Development Law Organization received a delegation from Thailand’s King Prajadhipok Institute (KPI). The visitors were briefed on how IDLO seeks to build confidence in the justice system from the perspective of the end-user, as well as the organization’s current programmes, field operations and research projects. Discussions focused on how IDLO operates as an international organization and promotes the use of public resources in the legal process, as well as the management and development of training programs.

The delegation, led by Professor Dr. Borwornsak Uwanno, Secretary General of KPI, was composed of 37 people, including senior executives from the business sector and government officials. 

Thailand and IDLO have been partners on a number of issues, including a workshop addressing the challenges of globalization and economic integration in public health, and training police forces to play a greater role in health through HIV prevention.

IDLO has trained more than 100 Thai legal professionals and looks forward to strengthening relations with Thailand.