Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement

Supporting Women Justice Professionals

Tunisia is regarded as a leader in the region, and even globally, on progressive gender legislation and initiatives, including on women’s participation in all aspects of public life. The 2014 Constitution upholds the principles of equality of rights and duties between men and women, and confirmed the obligation of the State to protect and strengthen women’s gains and their equal representation in senior positions and in elected bodies. However, operationalizing the constitutional mandate in the justice sector remains challenging. While the number of women justice professionals is very high, little is known about the factors that have enabled women to become justice actors, the barriers women justice professionals continue to face, the impact of their participation or further capacities needed to effectively deliver justice and develop law and policy.

IDLO, in partnership with the Center of Arab Women for Training and Research, is implementing a pilot research project to support the effective participation of women justice professionals in justice delivery and policy making. Through the research, IDLO is strengthening knowledge on the barriers and pathways for women in Tunisia’s justice sector and is focusing on enhancing women justice actors’ capacity to engage in transformative change, especially in the area of gender justice. With a view to catalyzing policy discussions, the results of the study, along with a regional overview, will be compiled into a report and launched at a two-day workshop with Tunisian stakeholders and select representatives from the MENA region.