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Strengthening Regulatory Reform in Indonesia

Indonesia has a high number of overlapping or contradictory laws and regulations. This results in ineffective administration, lengthy processes and obstacles for economic development. While the Government of Indonesia has taken certain measures to enhance regulatory reform, regulatory functions are currently scattered across several governmental institutions, creating a web of uncoordinated mandates. There is therefore a need for a central body or unit within the government that oversees regulations.

The Indonesian Center for Law and Policy Studies is implementing a project that aims to encourage an evidence-based policy-making process for regulatory reform and establish a regulatory reform agency in Indonesia. Working closely with the Indonesian National Development Planning Agency and the National Law Development Agency of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the project will produce a study – the first of its kind – with data and recommendations on how to develop a special task unit to handle regulatory reform in Indonesia. Project activities will also focus on raising awareness of regulation issues with civil society, the media, policymakers and the private sector, including through a national symposium.

The project is funded through the Indonesia-Netherlands Rule of Law Fund of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Jakarta, which is managed by IDLO.