Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement

Strengthening Capacity of the Judicial Training Center (JTC) in Montenegro

Building on two phases of successful programming to support Montenegro’s EU readiness, IDLO is working to enhance the capacity of its main partner in the country: the Judicial Training Center (JTC). The judiciary is struggling to address disputes arising from foreign investment in real estate and tourism, interpretation of foreign contracts in accordance with international best practice and EU directives. 

IDLO is working with the JTC to ensure compliance with a 2015 draft Law on the Centre for Training in Judiciary and State Prosecution Service, which provides for expanded responsibilities and separate financing of the center, along with improved judicial performance, in particular through the strengthened training of Administrative and Commercial Courts. IDLO is providing support and technical assistance, through training of trainers (TOT), sharing best practices, organizational exchanges, and an in-court apprenticeship. 

Photo Credit: Z. Zalanova