Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement

Mainstreaming biodiversity in Kenya

Traditionally under the remit of environmentalists alone, biodiversity has now been recognized in the 2030 Agenda as a key element of global development that should be integrated across all sectors. Kenya’s Constitution includes provisions related to environment and natural resource management, which has given impetus to new laws, policies and other enabling legal instruments at the national and county levels. However, despite a call for law and policy action from the High-Level Segment of the Convention of Biological Diversity, few tools and little guidance are available to support efforts to build stronger national frameworks for biodiversity mainstreaming within countries. Ultimately, a better understanding is needed on how the rule of law can contribute to interlinked environmental sustainability goals – such as climate adaptation, disaster risk reduction, poverty reduction, food security, sustainable agriculture, human rights and more.

IDLO is working to enhance action at Kenya’s national level to strengthen legislation and policy to mainstream biodiversity through the development of a Legal Assessment Tool on biodiversity and agriculture, as well as biodiversity and human rights.