Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement

Investment and Negotiation Support to the Republic of The Gambia

The Gambia’s transition to democracy has led to an increase in foreign investors wishing to undertake commercial and infrastructure projects in the country. While an opportunity to strengthen the country’s markets, The Gambia recognizes that foreign investment may easily turn into a potential liability if not properly managed and regulated. To address this concern, IDLO has been requested to provide State Counsels and relevant government actors with specialized knowledge in commercial and investment law to be able to provide effective legal advice on transactional matters.

Funded by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, IDLO is implementing a project that aims to build capacity and provide technical assistance in investment dispute settlement and negotiations. Under the project, IDLO will work to develop and implement a training program focused on the negotiation of commercial and investment contracts. IDLO will also facilitate the development of two workshops on commercial contract negotiation. The workshops will draw on the attendees’ real-life professional experience and will include discussions, practical exercises, and simulations covering a range of complex scenarios, providing a set of strategies to deploy when dealing with difficult negotiation behaviors and hard-bargaining techniques.

Photo Credit: Pixabay