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Increasing accountability for sexual and gender based violence

Rates of sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) remain high in Uganda due to cultural practices, continued internal displacement, and low capacity of the justice system. IDLO is working to advance accountability for SGBV crimes committed in times of or after armed conflict in Uganda. 

With the support of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Embassy in The Hague, IDLO organized a seminar in Kampala for justice actors, governmental authorities and civil society to develop partnerships and build an increased commitment to addressing SGBV through rule of law reforms. IDLO and Swedish representatives presented key recommendations at the ICC Assembly of State Parties in November 2015.

Download IDLO Report: Complementarity for sexual and gender-based atrocity crimes: conclusions and recommendations

Find out more about Sweden and IDLO's recommendations to the ICC Assembly of State Parties, November 2015:

ICC: Panel Discussions on Complementarity. 

​With silence, shame and stigma comes underreporting which shadows the true extent of the problem. It also prevents authorities from responding adequately.

Statement: Ensuring access to justice for victims of sexual and gender-based crimes, delivered by Sweden’s Minister for Culture and Democracy, H.E. Ms. Alice Bah Kuhnke.

Report: Bureau of Complementarity (including summaries of the proceedings of the IDLO Kampala workshops in annexe III). 

Photos from the panel discussion:

ASP14- Day2- Complementarity