Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement

Energy for Development in Kenya

Ongoing reform of its energy legal framework has made Kenya a regional leader in promoting policies and laws that encourage sustainable investment in energy development the sector The country, however, still struggles to meet its energy demands. More than 33 million Kenyan citizens live without electricity.Properly harnessing resources, and targeting efforts at making eflectricity more accessible and affordable, would ensure that Kenya’s energy demands were fully and sustainably met.

In collaboration with OPEC’s Fund for International Development (OFID), IDLO has reviewed the regulatory frameworks which have helped Kenya attract investment in the sector, as well as the remaining legal barriers to universal energy access. In doing so, we have identified legal reform pathways which may encourage private-sector energy investment in other African countries. Throughout the process, IDLO has engaged government officials, civil society, and investors themselves.

Our work on energy in Kenya is intended as the first stage of a wider project to expand access to energy across Africa.