Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement

Continuing professional development support in Afghanistan

The revised Afghan Penal Code entered into force in February 2018. This called for an urgent need to build the capacity of justice professionals to handle cases in compliance with the revised Code. In response, the Supreme Court, Attorney General’s Office and Ministry of Justice turned to their nascent professional training departments. However, the maturity, capacity and resources of the departments vary, and extra support is required to enable them to deliver the task effectively. Building on earlier foundations, IDLO is implementing a program that aims to improve the long-term legal professional capacity of Afghan partner justice institutions to deliver justice according to Afghan law.

Under the program, IDLO will work to enhance the capacity of the professional training departments within the Supreme Court, Attorney General’s Office and Ministry of Justice. IDLO will deliver general and specialized Training of Trainers courses, revise curricula in line with the new Penal Code and enhance the organizational capacity of partner institutions to reinforce continuing professional development as an instrument for strengthening the performance of justice sector professionals and the sector overall.