Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement

Afghanistan's Justice Training Transition Program (JTTP)

Launched in March 2013 in partnership with the Afghan government, the Justice Training Transition Program (JTTP) offers justice professionals unprecedented levels of training in core legal skills and competencies. It provides continuing education courses on Afghan law to provincial courts, the Ministry of Justice and other government bodies. By far our most ambitious program anywhere, JTTP also provides criminal justice training and mentoring for Afghan prosecutors, judges, defense attorneys and investigators.

Dedicated specifically to those working in criminal law, the eight-week Advanced Continuous Legal Education for Afghanistan (ACLEA) course covers, among other key areas, Critical Thinking, Search and Seizure, Interrogation & Interview and Criminal Procedure. (Further practical training is available through the ACLEA+ strand.)

JTTP operates in most Afghan provinces as of early 2014, including – uniquely for a development organization – in the difficult environments of Helmand and Kandahar. As the international presence in the country winds down, IDLO is gradually transferring full training responsibilities to the Afghan government, with the ultimate aim of creating a self-sustaining, responsive justice system.