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Human trafficking is antithetical to the rule of law: the practice constitutes one of the most acute challenges to rights and dignity. Often a corollary of extreme inequality, human trafficking is concentrated in developing countries, with victims targeted both for domestic enslavement and smuggling across borders. Although human trafficking is outlawed by several international treaties and conventions, national legislations are frequently patchy, and enforcement weak. Even when this is not so, experience suggests traffickers remain one step ahead.

Building capacity in the justice sector is therefore important, but not always sufficient. We believe the best results combine institutional work with tackling the phenomenon at grassroots level – both empowering the victims of trafficking, and educating communities to resist it.

Assisting Trafficking Victims in Chile

IDLO is working with the European Union’s EUROsociAL program to strengthen access to justice for victims of trafficking. We are assisting Chile’s Ministry of Justice (MOJ) to coordinate orientation services and legal assistance in order to protect and empower the most vulnerable. IDLO has drafted a protocol involving, among others, the Chilean Ministry of the Interior and the Prosecutor's office: it enables various institutions to offer a coherent, efficient response to the phenomenon of trafficking.


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