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Over the past 10 years, Jordan has pursued structural reforms in education and health and has improved social protection systems. Although Jordan has achieved good standards of human development, there is still a need to strengthen the rule of law and enforce the independence of the justice sector in the country. 

Jordan shows a general improvement of women’s political representation in Parliament, however the UN Gender Inequality Index based on reproductive health, empowerment and labor market participation shows a continued need for the country to focus on several gender equality issues.

Jordan: Women entrepreneurs’ access to justice

While women entrepreneurs in Jordan contribute greatly to the economic development of their countries, they face a range of legal, social and economic challenges as compared to men in setting up and running their businesses and resolving disputes. Lack of awareness among women entrepreneurs about their legal rights can prevent them from accessing legal avenues to help settle their claims, and lack of gender sensitivity among justice actors in the implementation of business and economic laws might lead to unintended biased decisions that adversely affect women-owned businesses.

Empowering People with HIV in Egypt & MENA

Tolerance of minorities (religious, sexual or otherwise) remains low in Egypt and other Middle Eastern and North African countries. People living with HIV are among the groups facing most discrimination. The virus is associated with stigmatized behaviors, such as sex between men and drug use. Many people with HIV are thus forced into the shadows, denied treatment, at risk of abuse and imprisonment. IDLO has been working with UNAIDS and local partners to help hundreds of people living with, and affected by, HIV in Egypt to access health and legal services.


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