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Costa Rica


Unlike most of its neighbors, Costa Rica has enjoyed over six decades of stable democratic government. Its Human Development Index is among the highest in the region.

Despite its record with respect to peace and good governance, the country is not immune to social ills such as gender violence. Not all of it is homegrown: Costa Rica's comparative wealth makes it a magnet for migrants from the region. Some of those crossing its borders in search of better lives are women fleeing abuse in their homelands.

Since 2013, IDLO has been working with the Costa Rican judiciary to provide advice and assistance to women victims of violence.

Divulgación de derechos de población en condición de vulnerabilidad en América Latina | Promoting rights of vulnerable populations in Latin America

SAN JOSE, 25 de octubre del 2012 – El programa EUROsociAL II, y la Organización Internacional del Derecho para el Desarrollo, IDLO en calidad de socio operativo, organizaron un Taller Regional de Necesidades y Prioridades para la Divulgación de Derechos de Población en Condición de Vulnerabilidad en San José, Costa Rica. 

Legal Services for Migrant Women

IDLO is working in Costa Rica with the European Union’s EUROsociAL program to empower migrant women and refugees who are victims of violence. The project, supported by Costa Rica’s judiciary and France Expertise Internationale (FEI), provides orientation and legal assistance to vulnerable migrant women, in line with the Brasilia Regulations on Access to Justice.


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