Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement

Sub-Projects Awarded

The below list provides information on Sub-Projects awarded since August 2020.

Yeartrier par ordre croissant Selection Country Implementing Partner Sub-Project title Amount awarded Duration Description
2021 Open call Mongolia Beautiful Hearts Prevent Domestic Violence to Strengthen Local Women through Providing Legal Knowledge MNT 18,944,450 avril 2021 - décembre 2021

This sub-project aimed to prevent domestic violence (DV) in Mongolia by raising awareness on the characteristics of DV, psychosocial features of a victim/survivor, and related legal knowledge among women in Tuv province. Beautiful Hearts, in cooperation with Authority of Family, Child, and Youth...

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2021 Open call Uganda Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) Alliance Uganda Strengthening Community-Led Redress Initiative for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence UGX 699,999,987 mars 2021 - août 2022

This sub-project aimed to enhance access to justice among adolescent girls and young women by strengthening response mechanisms, linkages and collaboration between formal and informal justice systems in the targeted districts of Tororo, Butaleja, and Busia in Uganda. The Sexual and Reproductive...

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2021 Open call Tanzania Tanzania Women Lawyers Association (TAWLA) Promoting Healthy Diets and Physical Activity through Advocacy for Regulatory and Policy Reforms and Community Education TZS 117,831,595 mai 2021 - mars 2022

This sub-project sought to strengthen collaboration and coordination among key national stakeholders in advocating for the promotion of healthy diets and physical activity through policy and legal reforms. Working closely with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, civil society partners...

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2021 Direct call Somalia Network Against Female Genital Mutilation in Somaliland (NAFIS) Strengthening the Social Contract through Access to Justice in Eastern Regions of Somaliland USD 907,500 septembre 2021 - mars 2025

The sub-project aims to strengthen the capacity of the legal institutions at the local level in six (6) target districts of Somaliland; improve access to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms and to formal justice for vulnerable groups through holistic support to gender-based violence...

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2021 Open call Uganda Center for Food and Adequate Living Rights (CEFROHT) Enhancing Sustainable Access to Justice for Adequate Living Rights through Legal Empowerment and Social Accountability in Rural Communities in Uganda UGX 1,000,000,074 mars 2021 - décembre 2022

This sub-project sought to contribute to sustainable access to justice by working with – and strengthening the capacity of – rural vulnerable communities and justice actors to seek and claim adequate living rights using the 2019 Human Rights (Enforcement) Act (HREA) in the three (3) districts of...

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2021 Open call Uganda Penal Reform International (PRI-Africa) Strengthening Gender Responsive Treatment of Women in Conflict with the Law in Western Uganda UGX 666,972,030 mai 2021 - décembre 2022

This sub-project aimed to scale up a new model of gender-sensitive sentencing and effective delivery of gender-sensitive community service orders in Western Uganda. Working closely with the Judiciary and the Uganda Prisons Service, Penal Reform International (PRI) strengthened the capacity...

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2021 Direct call Somalia University of Hargeisa Legal Aid Clinic Access to Justice Project - Eastern Regions of Somaliland USD 773,500 septembre 2021 - mars 2025

This sub-project seeks to improve the social contract through increased legitimacy of justice sector institutions in Somaliland. With the aim of improving processes for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and increasing compliance with international human rights standards, the Legal Aid Clinic...

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2021 Open call Mongolia Myanganii Devshil NGO for Public Service, Bayan-Ulgii Branch Promoting the Law on Combating Domestic Violence (2016): Increasing Awareness and Knowledge MNT 19,928,000 mars 2021 - décembre 2021

This sub-project aimed to challenge gender stereotypes and reduce the risk of domestic violence (DV) in the Kazakh province of Bayan-Ulgii in Mongolia. Myanganii Devshil NGO organized psychological and legal counselling for victims of DV and increased the legal knowledge of social workers...

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2021 Open call Mongolia Sain Tus Tuv, Uvs for Supporting Western Region Development, NGO for Public Service Men's Participation and Leadership in Combating Domestic Violence MNT 21,265,500 mai 2021 - mars 2022

This sub-project contributed to the prevention of gender-based violence (GBV) through increased participation of the local community, especially men, and enhanced quality and access to legal services for the community and at-risk groups. In cooperation with partner organizations, Sain Tus Tuv...

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2021 Open call Mongolia Gender Equality Center School-based Violence Prevention MNT 20,000,000 mars 2021 - juin 2022

This sub-project aimed to prevent and protect children and women from becoming victims of gender-based violence (GBV) by empowering schoolteachers and social workers to talk to children and parents about domestic violence (DV). The Gender Equality Center delivered a series of training sessions...

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