Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement
Implementing Partner: 
Association Malienne pour la Survie au Sahel (AMSS)
Sub-Project title: 
Accès à la Justice aux Citoyens de la Région de Ségou
Amount awarded: 
XOF 32,797,850
avril, 2024 - juillet, 2024

This sub-project aims to increase access to penal justice for the citizens of Ségou. The Association Malienne pour la Survie au Sahel (AMSS) is seeking to increase the active participation of communities in the diligence of judicial proceedings by delivering a series of information, education, and communication sessions to community members on access to justice, rights of vulnerable groups, including women, children, persons with disabilities and minorities, and the realization of radio discussions on the topic. Furthermore, in order to support survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) in the process of pressing charges against their abusers, AMSS is delivering a series of training and information sessions on the rights of women and their participation in legal proceedings; delivering training sessions on the identification and management of GBV cases for women’s associations and focal points; establishing a reception and orientation mechanism  for GBV survivors, while strengthening the medical, psycho-social and legal knowledge of a multi-disciplinary team to ensure a holistic response. In order to improve the knowledge and competencies of actors of the penal chain and members of civil society organizations (CSOs) on legal and judicial assistance, the implementing partner is also developing the capacities of local stakeholders on the rights of detainees and access to justice mechanisms; and providing training on the prevention and protection of female citizens against impunity to members of women’s associations. Finally, AMSS is further increasing the capacity of actors of the penal chain, members of CSOs, and community leaders on judicial organization, the functioning of justice, the role of magistrates, reception and referral techniques, and anti-corruption mechanisms.

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