Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement


11 novembre, 2022


At IDLO, we firmly believe that the causes and effects of climate change – and the actions needed to address them – are rooted in issues of justice, equity and the rule of law.

10 décembre, 2021

Survivor-centered Justice: Why Is It Essential for Ending Gender-based Violence?

25 novembre, 2021

Violence against women and girls remains devastatingly pervasive. Across their lifetime, some 736 million women worldwide – approximately 1 in 3 – are subjected to physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner or sexual violence from a non-partner.

4 novembre, 2021

Rome, 4 November 2021 – The International Development Law Organization, IDLO, welcomes the Islamic Republic of Mauritania as its newest Member Party.

1 juillet, 2021

Generation Equality Action Coalitions

24 juin, 2021

The Generation Equality Forum is a multi-stakeholder initiative, convened by UN Women and co-hosted by France and Mexico, that brings together governments, activists, corporations, feminist organizations, youth and allies, to accelerate progress for gender equality around the world.

21 avril, 2021

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has granted IDLO a prestigious Digital Development Award for its support to the judiciary in the Kyrgyz Republic.

9 mars, 2021

The sixty-fifth session of the Commission on the Status of Women will take place from 15 to 26 March 2021.

25 novembre, 2020

Violence against women has long been recognized as a global epidemic, and the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly escalated threats to women’s safety, security and access to justice.