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Devex Q&A: IDLO chief on need for 'top-down, bottom-up' approach to justice

16 Juil 2019

NEW YORK — Sustainable Development Goal 16, aimed at achieving peaceful, inclusive societies and access to justice for all by 2030, remains far off-track for completion by the target date of 2030.

Lack of quality funding is one key issue that prevents more than 5.1 billion people globally from having “meaningful access” to justice. But the problem of injustice is a complex one, Irene Khan, Director-General of Rome-based International Development Law Organization, explained to Devex. And it will not likely be solved during Khan’s tenure at the organization, as she will wrap her two-term position later this year.

Devex caught up with Khan on the sidelines of the ongoing U.N. High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, to discuss SDG 16, one of the goals under review at this year’s meeting. Khan outlined ongoing challenges and solutions that need to be considered for achieving justice and inclusive societies.

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Photo: Amanda Voisard / UN Women / CC BY-NC-ND