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Promoting legal cooperation between Italy and Montenegro

Italian and Montenegrin justice sector counterparts and government representatives discussed enhancing public access to judicial information in commercial law cases and ways to further strengthen Italian-Montenegrin legal cooperation in a roundtable event held at IDLO’s headquarters in Rome.  

Speaking for the Italian government, Diego Randazzo expressed hope that ‘we can further strengthen the legal and commercial cooperation between our two countries. What can Italy offer Montenegro? Rule of law and protection of foreign investments are two of the major areas of cooperation.…. Among the main objectives of Italy is the protection of foreign investment; this can only be guaranteed if the rule of law is established.’

Maja Milošević, Executive Director for the Montenegrin Centre for Training in Judiciary and State Prosecution Service, thanked IDLO and the Italian government for their assistance and explained that in the past ‘a lack of resources and clear, specific regulations made it impossible for us to transfer knowledge. Thanks to organizations, such as IDLO, we have now been able to carry out important skills and knowledge transfer. Between 2013 and 2014 we held workshops on intellectual property rights, maritime law, consumer protection and company law. In addition to this great support from IDLO, we also had valuable allies in the Italian judges who came to Montenegro to transfer their skills during these workshops.’

The emerging economy of Montenegro is heavily reliant on tourism, which requires clear, effective and enforceable legal frameworks on contract and land law, corporate law, construction, alternative dispute resolution and others. Commercial law, being one of key stimuli to business, is one of the areas most heavily reliant on innovation and easy access to information.  

Open access to legal information, including primary and secondary legal sources - such as laws, statutes, regulations, case law, treaties, etc. - is also a crucial element in the progress towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is a powerful means to encourage trade and foreign investment, foster private sector growth and help mobilize domestic resources, promote a predictable business climate, and deter bribery and corruption. Also, by providing free access to legal information, official bodies can strengthen institutional transparency, engage a larger audience of stakeholders, and make a wider audience at all levels aware of the laws that protect them and the laws which regulate behaviour. 

The roundtable took place at the end of a visit to Italy by Montenegrin judges and representatives of the Centre for Training in Judiciary and State Prosecution Service, during which the group met Italian counterparts in Florence and Rome to share experiences and learning.

Roundtable Report available below

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'Promoting Legal Cooperation' Roundtable