Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement

Myanmar's Rule of Law Centre Alumni

Hawng Zawng, Deacon of Labang Baptist Church, WaingMaw Township, Kachin State

"This training is very good for us because we originally come from the mountains, and we don’t have experience with and knowledge about the law and rule of law. ... But, here it is quite populated and there are many problems, unlike in mountains; this is why we really need to know about the rule of law and legal awareness, at least to defend ourselves and protect our lands when problems occur. Therefore, I hope this kind of training is the key to opening our minds to become more aware of problems and to develop our lives and our community. I think additional training should be provided in the villages."



Myo Thun, Legal Forward Organization, Mandalay

"I co-founded the Legal Forward Organization with 15 fellow graduates from the Mandalay Rule of Law Centre, including lawyers, students, and paralegals. In our organization, lawyers provide free legal aid for defendants who can’t afford representation. Additionally, our organization is preparing to replicate the Foundations in Rule of Law training. I was first introduced to the Rule of Law Centres when they came and conducted mobile training in Sagaing Division. I joined became very interested and passionate about rule of law and determined to attend the Foundation course. Therefore, I came to Mandalay and joined the training. Recently, I prepared a child rights curriculum and gave it to the trainers of the Mandalay Rule of Law Centre to check, revise, and provide suggestions. After I get the revised version, I’m going to use this curriculum to conduct training on child rights in my community."