Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement

Kuwait Training Showcases IDLO expertise

Kuwait City – As the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) hosted a Training on Public Procurement and PPP in Kuwait City this week, participants stressed the importance of effective infrastructure and transparency throughout government. 

The training, hosted with the support of the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, was created to help build fundamental infrastructure that will allow effective and sustainable long-term developmental goals to be achieved. Participants noted that in advanced countries such as Kuwait, expectations are very high in terms of effectiveness of infrastructures, transparency and accountability of government officials. Because of this, it is very important to carry on a continuous effort for constant improvement. 

Suitable infrastructure is vital in reducing poverty, as it promotes economic growth, provides support to all industries, increases the mobility and economic activity of the people and ensures access to markets. For these reasons, governments need to be transparent when spending public funds, and must guarantee that goods and services are acquired according to international principles and best practices. The Training on Public Procurement and PPP covers a range of global legal challenges, ensuring that both public and private actors in Kuwait have the necessary knowledge and skills to use in tandem for the benefit of their fellow citizens. 

IDLO has been working in the field of project finance, infrastructure development and public private partnership for the past three decades, and Kuwait has been involved since the beginning. As the first donor to provide support to IDLO’s Endowment fund, The Kuwait Fund of Arab Economic Development has always demonstrated an enthusiastic interest in IDLO programs.