Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement

Combating corruption through enabling effective public procurement

Transparency in the context of public procurement is considered one of the most effective deterrents to corruption. Effective and well run procurement is a precondition for ensuring public officials’ accountability and the effective management of resources. Good and sound legal practices throughout the entire process, including planning, contracting, dispute resolution and arbitration, are critical. 

IDLO has been supporting increasing transparency in public procurement including in Public Private Partnerships, through building legal capacity in the developing world on contracting and procurement. The organization runs a program of global training as well as supporting initiatives at the regional and national levels. 

Representatives from government, international agencies, academia and the private sector from eleven countries participated in the “Advanced course on Procurement for Large Projects and Public Private Partnerships” supported by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development held online from 1 to 19 October and in IDLO’s headquarters in Rome from 5 to 13 November. 

Noting that training is a first step in officials who oversee public procurement, one participant added that such training is critical for government employees so that procurement can be done in a fair, competitive, transparent, efficient and effective manner. 

Participants highlighted the importance of improving procurement practices in their own national context: 

  • “The course improved my knowledge in the area of public procurement and it will help me to identify the major key points in the procedure of protecting the client rights and interests in the bid.” 
  •  “As a public entity, we have been involved almost all the time with the procurement of works, goods and services. The procedures need to be fair, comprehensive, competitive and objective.” 
  • “PPPs are an emerging issue in my country. The course has enlightened me and I will use to find suitable PPP models that could work well in the context of my country.” 
  • “Claims, disputes and arbitration are everyday issues in the administration of contracts. My priority will be to bring this to the minimum possible level and this training will enable us to resolve the claims, disputes and arbitration issues.” 
  • “My country is currently facing so many problems regarding the procurement issues. I will advocate for the use of PPP contracts in the infrastructure development projects.” 
  • “The private sector (suppliers, consultants, contractors) will benefit from me sharing what I’ve learned in this training.”