International Development Law Organization

Peace and Democracy


Peace and democracy are universal and related values: when one is lacking, the other is endangered. Both in their own right and in order to secure the premises of development, IDLO treats peace and democracy as sine qua non. But peace and democracy do not come easy: they are achieved by working, gradually, often painstakingly, on laws and institutions. Strong institutions make strong nations; good laws make good citizens. For fragile and post-conflict societies in particular, efforts to foster inclusive Constitutions, integrity in government and a robust judiciary are the soundest form of investment: they create the premises for stability, public trust and national reconstruction. Its long experience makes IDLO the partner of choice in helping attain these objectives. Different societies have different needs: if peace is the same everywhere, democracy takes many forms. Our solutions are therefore non-prescriptive and mindful of context – bespoke tools to realize bold ideals.