International Development Law Organization

Supporting Access to Justice in Afghanistan (SAJA)

18 Nov 2014

Through its Supporting Access to Justice in Afghanistan (SAJA) program, IDLO is working to improve access to justice through activities targeting legal aid, prosecution of crimes of violence against women, the effectiveness of Women’s Protection Centers, and legal awareness. This program is building on achievements of the INL-funded National Justice Sector Strategy (NJSS) Program.

Specific activities under the SAJA program include:

  • Improving the quality of legal aid services offered to the poor and disempowered
  • Increasing the effectiveness of the Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) units in the Attorney General’s Office in prosecuting violence against women cases
  • Improving the capacity of Women’s Protection Centers (WPCs) to implement better services to address beneficiaries’ needs
  • Increasing awareness of women’s rights, legal rights and access to justice for target beneficiaries

Through the SAJA program, IDLO has developed a series of legal awareness illustrated booklets designed to give the Afghan public an understanding of their rights. The books are available in three languages (Dari, Pashtu and English) and their illustrated nature makes them an effective tool even with illiterate populations.

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