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7 July, 2017

An important advancement in Afghanistan has been the development of a comprehensive electronic database to track cases of violence against women and girls across the country. Launched in 2016, it is now being used in 20 provinces.

4 July, 2017

The Court Department under the Supreme Court of the Kyrgyz Republic currently lacks a managerial and institutional strategy necessary to address increasing commercial litigation turnover and legal preparedness among bailiffs, which undermines the credibility and functionality of the judicial system.

29 June, 2017

The 2012 crisis exposed Northern Mali to internal displacement of its population, conflict and security situations, and the absence of institutions. Since the peace accord in 2015, there have been progressive signs of stabilization including the uptake of judicial activities in the country.

20 June, 2017

“It’s about building people’s confidence in the courts,” explained IDLO Director-General Irene Khan on the topic of why judicial independence matters. “What are the issues of independence, integrity, approach, principle, ethics that build people’s trust in the judiciary?”

16 June, 2017

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(Rome, June 14, 2017) The International Development Law Organization, IDLO, has signed a new Host Country Agreement with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

12 June, 2017


35th Session of the Human Rights Council: Clustered Interactive Dialogue with Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers

June 12, 2017


8 June, 2017


35th Session of the Human Rights Council: Interactive Dialogue with the Working Group on the Issue of Discrimination Against Women in Law and in Practice

June 8, 2017


6 June, 2017

In the months following the launch of the Liberia National Police fund, an initiative for female police officers to undertake skills training, IDLO has been supporting professional development activities as part of the broader pursuit of access to justice in the country.

31 May, 2017


An independent judiciary is critical to promoting peaceful and inclusive societies as envisaged in Goal 16 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

30 May, 2017

While women entrepreneurs in Egypt and Jordan contribute greatly to the economic development of their countries, they face a range of legal, social and economic challenges as compared to men in setting up and running their businesses and resolving disputes.

19 May, 2017

In Kyrgyzstan, members of Aksakal courts (Elders courts) expressed an interest in receiving training on their legal jurisdiction and on carrying out their mandate from members of the formal justice system. In April 2017, IDLO facilitated a training program for members from the Chui region (oblast)

17 May, 2017


Addressed by IDLO Director-General Irene Khan

Joint Launch of the Judiciary Committee on Elections (JCE) Annual Report 2016 and IDLO Lessons Learned and Brief (LLB) on Judicial Preparedness for Handling Electoral Disputes in Kenya and Beyond

May 4, 2017


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