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11 April, 2012

With support from the Ford Foundation, IDLO hosted a Latin American regional meeting on best practices in the provision of HIV-related legal services.

27 March, 2012

David Patterson has come a long way since backpacking around the world in search of a cause. He traces his interest in HIV and health law back to an episode in his native Australia, when an insurance offer came through his door. The eighties AIDS panic was raging, and the document came with a proviso: homosexuals need not apply.

20 March, 2012

58th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women
New York

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Distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen,

13 March, 2012

Excitement shone out of the stream of emails flowing through Rome headquarters late on Thursday. IDLO, it turned out, had just been picked by the UN to lead a new project: ensuring that signatories to the Convention on Biological Diversity can meet their commitments. 

12 March, 2012

How do you enshrine the rule of law in a nation that did not exist a year ago? One that is, moreover, riddled with economic and security challenges? Add a change of official language into the mix, and the job may seem little short of daunting. 

8 March, 2012

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, IDLO has been showcasing its work in Afghanistan to help women overcome isolation and mistreatment. 

28 February, 2012

Asuncion, Paraguay, 27 – 29 February 2012 - IDLO, in partnership with the Inter-institutional Committee against Human Trafficking in Paraguay, is hosting three national and international meetings to strengthen the capacity of public officials engaged in the investigation and prosecution of human trafficking cases. 

23 February, 2012

Kuwait City, Kuwait – 23 February 2012 – IDLO Director General, Irene Khan, met with Mr. Abdulwahab Al-Bader, Director General of Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development today to congratulate him on the 50th anniversary of the Fund. 

22 February, 2012

Juba, South Sudan - 30 January 2012 - the Judiciary of South Sudan (JoSS) and the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) launched a four-week training course on substantive law and legal English for 25 County Court and High Court Judges from South Sudan’s Greater Bahr el-Ghazal, Greater Upper Nile, and Greater Equatoria Appellate Circuits. 

17 February, 2012

Cairo, Egypt - IDLO hosted the Third Regional Consultation on HIV-related Legal Services and Rights, which brought together lawyers and community activists from five countries in the Middle East & North Africa: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia. 

17 February, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand - IDLO co-hosted the first ever Asia Pacific Regional Consultation on HIV-related Legal Services and Rights, to exchange best practices and share achievements on legal aid and access to justice for people living with HIV (PLHIV). 

The entry into force of the Nagoya Protocol in 2014 represented a major milestone in the global commitment to promote access and benefit sharing (ABS) of the use of genetic resources in a fair and equitable way.

The purpose of this Compendium of Legal Best Practices on Climate Change Policy is to highlight the challenges that domestic governments face in implementing their international commitments to climate change policy and the means through which those challenges can be overcome. It gathers 12 recent best practices in legal and institutional reform that exemplify promising methods of addressing mitigation, adaptation and finance at the domestic level. Several of these best practices involve...

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Mongolia has formally joined IDLO,  the latest stage in an expanding partnership for the advancement the rule of law. The  first communist-ruled nation outside the Soviet Union, Mongolia has over the last two decades built a democracy that is untypical of its region.


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