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27 April, 2017

Rape is the second most commonly reported serious crime in Liberia, yet many survivors fail to get justice.

25 April, 2017

22 years after Rwanda’s genocide, suspects remain at large and exiled in different countries around the world. Ensuring that they are brought to justice on national soil is a major priority for the Government of Rwanda.

25 April, 2017

In a country where in 2013, rape and domestic violence were reported as accounting for over 70 per cent of all serious reported crimes, IDLO has been providing crucial support in forensic training.

In Liberia, the WHO estimates that between 61 and 77% of women and girls were raped during the civil war, and gender-based violence continues to be prevalent.

21 April, 2017


Infopoverty World Conference

April 21, 2017

New York

Remarks by Patrizio Civili, IDLO


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you Pierpaolo and thanks to the organizers for inviting me to moderate this panel on health for all.

20 April, 2017

As part of IDLO’s continuous commitment to accountability and results-based management, IDLO is pleased to share this Mid-Term Evaluation Brief (summarised evaluation report): “Supporting Access to Justice in Afghanistan (SAJA)”.

19 April, 2017

Gender equality, justice, good governance and the rule of law dominated discussions the Director-General of IDLO, Irene Khan, held with officials during a recent visit to Canada.

19 April, 2017

12 April, 2017

The international community has set itself an ambitious undertaking with the new Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change, while at the same time seeking to build peace.

12 April, 2017

Although South Sudan attained independence from Sudan in 2011, the country has since witnessed violent conflict and military infighting following subsequent political crises. The fragile political situation and ongoing conflict in the country has made it difficult for ordinary citizens to seek and access justice.

6 April, 2017

The judiciary in Tajikistan, despite ongoing structural reform, continues to suffer from limited financing and capacity. Mediation could dramatically ease the burden of judges and the formal courts, but there is currently no law on mediation in the country.

23 March, 2017

Tunisia is regarded as a leader in the region, and even globally, on progressive gender legislation and initiatives, including on women’s participation in all aspects of public life.

21 March, 2017

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Widely considered to improve the effectiveness of justice systems by helping both the State and litigants avoid the costs and delays of court procedures, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a commonly used mechanism to resolve conflicts in many countries.

21 March, 2017


Commission of the Status of Women, General Discussion (Item 3)

March 16, 2017

New York

Delivered by Judit Arenas, Director – External Relations & Deputy Permanent Observer to the United Nations, IDLO

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17 March, 2017


34th Session of the Human Rights Council: Report of Forum on Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law

March 15, 2017


Delivered by Hector Guerra, Office of the Permanent Observer to the United Nations and other International Organizations, IDLO


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