Kenya PART 1 - Electoral Dispute Preparations and Resolution

7 Aug 2017

PART 1: The 2007 electoral violence in Kenya demonstrated that disastrous consequences can follow when the electoral dispute resolution system is not trusted to deal fairly and efficiently with contested elections. 

This discussion explores the achievements of Kenya's 'Judiciary Working Committee on Elections Preparedness' and its role, or contribution, to the following 2013 Kenyan elections, and also draws from IDLO’s pioneering support to the Kenyan judiciary on electoral dispute preparation to-date.

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  • Resolving Electoral Disputes in Kenya

    In 2010, the people of Kenya overwhelmingly voted in favor of a new Constitution, following a protracted struggle for constitutional reform spanning over two decades. Under the new Constitution, the elections of 2013 were the first in Kenya’s multiparty history with Electoral Dispute Resolution (EDR) processes in place. With these mechanisms, disputes can be resolved legally, peacefully and speedily – as opposed to resulting in violence or being allowed to drag through the courts. 

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15 May, 2017

As five African countries, including Kenya, gear up for elections later this year, IDLO’s Director-General, Irene Khan, visited Nairobi to support ongoing work in the country and met with officials to discuss electoral justice, good governance and gender equality.


4 May, 2017

Press release: (Nairobi, Kenya) May 4, 2017 – As five countries in Africa, including Kenya, gear up for general elections later this year, a new report published today by the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) highlights the need for a strong judicial electoral dispute resolution mechanism.


4 May, 2017

The Lessons Learned Brief, Avoiding Violence and Enhancing Legitimacy: Judicial Preparedness for Handling Electoral Disputes in Kenya and Beyond presents lessons on electoral dispute preparation (EDP) and electoral dispute resolution (EDR) programming, drawing from IDLO’s pioneering support to the Kenyan judiciary in the 2013 general election, and the international literature on EDR systems. Executive Summary also available for download below.


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