Myanmar Fair Trial Training
2 August, 2016

The Myanmar Attorney General’s Office (UAGO) has held the first-ever state and regional level training on fair trial standards, with the participation of 30 regional, district and township law officers.

25 July, 2016

Update (10 August 2017): The Code of Conduct and Ethics was not tabled before the relevant House of Parliament within seven days after its publication and thus lapsed, in line with section 11 of the Statutory Instruments Act.

22 July, 2016

Last year Legal Aid South Africa supported nearly 800,000 people who would otherwise have had no recourse to justice because they could not afford legal fees. 

15 July, 2016

In 100 countries worldwide, women are barred from doing certain work solely because they are women. Over 150 countries have laws that are discriminatory to women, and only 18 countries are free of such laws. In 32 countries, women cannot apply for passports in the same way as men.

11 July, 2016

According to some estimates, one in three Mongolian women is a victim of domestic violence and approximately one-half of all administrative detainees and one-quarter of criminal detainees have been held for domestic violence-related offenses.

7 July, 2016

IDLO's Victoria Harrison Neves, spoke to our Country Representative for Myanmar, Kartik Sharma, about the transition underway in that country, the opportunities for supporting the rule of law at this time, and the practicalities of working in such an environment.

IDLO - When did you arrive in Myanmar?

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa
1 July, 2016

The rule of law has often been regarded as an abstract concept in development circles, a poor second cousin to the tangible targets set by the eight Millennium Development Goals. But that changed in January 2015, with the adoption by the African Union of Agenda 2063, which included the rule of law as one of its seven ‘Aspirations’ for Africa.

UN HRC side event: youth, human rights and rule of law
1 July, 2016

We live in a highly unfair and unsafe world and no one knows that better than young people, Irene Khan, Director-General of the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) told a high-level side event at the 32nd session of the United Nations’ Human Rights Council.  Wi

29 June, 2016

The Myanmar Union Attorney General H.E. U Tun Tun Oo visited the Yangon Rule of Law Centre where he met with staff and graduates from the rule of law courses and observed an ongoing ‘training of trainers’ course.