Kyrgyzstan Danaker TV debate - IDLO
25 August, 2016

In Kyrgyzstan, research indicates that the population not only distrusts the court system but also knows very little about his or her own legal rights or the role of the judiciary.

Irene Khan at UN High Level Debate on Human Rights
16 August, 2016

‘Human rights and rule of law have to go hand in hand.

IDLO Latin American HIV conference - Colombia
15 August, 2016

More than thirty representatives of civil society, human rights groups and international organizations attended an IDLO conference in Colombia, this week, on strengthening and expanding legal services available to people living with HIV and other key population groups in Latin America.

Irene Khan at UN HLPF
10 August, 2016

‘No-one left behind is of course a very ambitious endeavor but it is absolutely essential if Agenda 2030 is to be transformative,’ stressed Irene Khan, Director General of the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) at the first meeting of the UN High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) s

Ukraine's first 'expedited' marriage
9 August, 2016

Ukrainian citizens may now apply for same-day marriage under a new pilot project, thanks to efforts by the Ministry of Justice to remove bureaucratic obstacles and deregulate the marriage registration process.

Myanmar Fair Trial Training
2 August, 2016

The Myanmar Attorney General’s Office (UAGO) has held the first-ever state and regional level training on fair trial standards, with the participation of 30 regional, district and township law officers.

Kenyan High Court. Creative Commons
25 July, 2016

Kenya has formally adopted a new Judiciary Code of Conduct and Ethics, which will govern the comportment of the judiciary, in terms of integrity, impartiality and professional independence, and aims to boost public confidence in the justice system.

22 July, 2016

Last year Legal Aid South Africa supported nearly 800,000 people who would otherwise have had no recourse to justice because they could not afford legal fees. 

15 July, 2016

In 100 countries worldwide, women are barred from doing certain work solely because they are women. Over 150 countries have laws that are discriminatory to women, and only 18 countries are free of such laws. In 32 countries, women cannot apply for passports in the same way as men.